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Corporate logo or custom image cookies

We can print or hand draw most corporate logos or other custom image on our delicious 4 inch round all butter sugar cookies (other shapes and sizes available).

 The cookies are individually wrapped and can include a color coordinated bow, served on a platter or in a box.

Cookies start at $6.00 each. Copyright issues may apply.

Cookie box or platter

Our delicious large made from scratch cookies can be served in a box or on a platter.  We also offer the same cookies in a mini size.

Our cookies come in a wide variety of flavors and types of cookies.  

Prices start at $20.00 per dozen for large cookies, and $12.00 per dozen for mini cookies (volume discounts are available.)  

Special boxes, platters or bows may incur and additional charge. 


Custom gift baskets

We can assemble a variety of custom gift baskets with most of the cookies listed above.  

We can also include your custom gifts (corporate pens, giveaway desk items, literature, etc.) or

provide generic gifts such as stuffed animals, non-alcoholic sparkling wine, fruit, etc.  

Gift baskets or bags are individually priced (volume discounts available.) Copyright issues may apply.


Cupcake box or platter

Our delicious premium or standard cupcakes can be served in a box or on a platter.  

We offer a wide variety of flavors. Cupcakes can be customized with most corporate logos, custom images, or custom decorated.  

Prices start at $2.75 per cupcake (volume discounts are available.) Copyright issues may apply.

Brownie box or platter

Our delicious made from scratch brownies can be served in a box or on a platter.  

We offer three flavors (chocolate fudge iced, peanut butter iced, or raspberry cheesecake.)

Prices start at $4.50 per brownie (brownies can be divided into 9 bite size pieces; volume discounts are available.)  



Our delicious 10-inch pies are available in a wide variety of fruit or cream flavors and are served in a standard or seasonal window box.  

We also make delicious pecan pies (regular or chocolate.)

Pies start at $17.00 per pie (volume discounts are available.) 

Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee.  

Please contact the Bakery for more information.



Best Bakery in Columbia, Maryland and Howard County, Maryland
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